Michelle Marie Roy


Michelle Marie Roy is a photographer, curator, and artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Roy's work evokes a discussion on gender via references to art history, semantics, and feminist theory.

According to Roy, "The basis for my photographs has nothing to do with capturing a moment or exploring the world through documentation. I create staged scenarios that are an expression of an inner world or concept. Often my photographs address my experience of gender, but there are also references to art history, and especially to the medium of painting.

I frequently work in series, and each series tends to have its own aesthetic. Throughout my years of image making, I have often used myself as a model, which has allowed me to experiment freely and explore my identity.

I am often asked about my technique. I experiment with the medium, but without extensive use of Photoshop. Experimenting with daylight and artificial light, photographing through various materials, utilizing make-up and costumes are essential to my working-process."

Michelle Marie Roy began her photographic studies at the University of Georgia’s School of Art. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she worked with fundraising at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, and was an active member of the Atlanta Photography Group. After relocating to Stockholm, Sweden in 2001, she continued her studies in art history at Södertörns University and went on to earn her master's degree at Stockholm University in International Curating Management.

While earning her degree, Roy worked extensively as a freelance curator. In addition, she has written reviews and articles for the international arts magazine Art Papers as well as for the Swedish site Konsten.net. In 2009, Roy was appointed curator at Fotografiska, an exhibition space dedicated entirely to photography. In 2013 Roy left her position to freelance at various museums throughout Sweden. In 2015 she accepted a permanent curatorial position at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden.